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graduate coaching
Academic Coaching for Graduate and Professional Students

Academic Coaches work with graduate and professional students to tackle common challenges for a more rewarding and productive graduate experience.

Grad Coaching

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What is Grad Coaching?

Graduate programs, whether masters, Ph.D., or professional will challenge you in ways that are very different from the undergraduate experience. Common challenges include:

  • Communicating with your advisor
  • Managing research, teaching, and coursework
  • Addressing imposter syndrome
  • Preparing for qualifying exams
  • Tackling a complex research project
  • Reading efficiently and meaningfully
  • Clarifying direction in research and academia
  • Planning writing projects - dissertations, theses, manuscripts, and grant proposals
  • Maintaining motivation and preventing burn-out

Your Academic Coach will engage you in an understanding conversation that elicits your own insights and builds on your strengths. We will also offer effective suggestions for you to try.

If you would like to meet regularly with a coach, we can help you build your new insights and strategies into habitual ways of thinking and approaching your work, resulting in a more rewarding and productive graduate experience.