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Peer Learning Consultants are Stanford student educators who work in partnership with communities, departments, programs, and residences across campus to connect students with academic skills, learning strategies, and resources to maximize their learning potential.

Peer Learning Consultant Program

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What We Do

Our learning consultants work with all Stanford students, including undergraduate, masters, PhD, and professional students as well as postdoctoral scholars. Peer Learning Consultants offer one-on-one academic coaching, completion coaching, workshops, study halls, grad studios, and academic programming to address a variety of academic skills.

Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches are a specialized group of Peer Learning Consultants who are mid-to-late stage graduate or professional students that are familiar with the academic challenges at Stanford. Our Peer Academic Coaches work alongside our Professional Academic Coaches to provide one-on-one academic coaching to all Stanford students. They also provide one-on-one completion coaching to help Stanford undergraduate students resolve any Incomplete grades received in the last academic year. 

Learn about Academic Coaching Meet our Academic Coaches


Peer Learning Consultants provide tailored academic skills workshops for the Stanford community including academic departments, student groups, bridge programs, residence halls, summer programs, community centers, and more. Our Learning Consultants will work with you or your group to develop and deliver an academic skills workshop that fits your needs. Common topics include: 

  • Time Management: Structuring and managing a calendar
  • Reading and Note-Taking Strategies: Strategies for reading texts and taking notes effectively
  • Writing to Completion: Strategies for turning research and ideas into a finished written product
  • Learning Skills: Tips on managing procrastination, attention, motivation, and test preparation
  • Goal Setting: Best practices for creating realistic goals and achieving them
  • Communicating Effectively with your Mentor/Advisor: Managing a healthy and productive mentor/mentee or advisor/advisee relationship
  • Research Skills: Strategies for successfully navigating academic research
  • Mindset: Developing a growth mindset

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Study Halls

Peer Learning Consultants facilitate all of our Study Halls, which offer quiet, supportive spaces to get your academic work done in the company of other Stanford students. The goal is an environment where you can produce your best work. Whether you are an undergraduate student looking for some structured study time or a graduate student looking to make progress on your thesis, there is a study hall for you.

Learn about our Study Halls

Academic Studios

Peer Learning Consultants develop and present Academic Studios, where students have the opportunity to learn technical academic skills as well as discuss, engage with, and apply best practices and strategies for graduate academics in a structured, peer-supported setting.

Learn about our Studios

Accountability Partner Program

An accountability partner is someone who helps you make progress toward a commitment you have made. If you’ve ever had a workout partner, for example, you probably found it easier to meet your fitness goals than if you had been exercising on your own. The same concept can be applied to your academic work. Sharing your academic goals with a partner, as well as your plans for achieving them, can provide the clarity, inspiration, and support you need to overcome challenges and follow through on important tasks—from finishing a problem set to completing a dissertation. Our Peer Learning Consultants manage and facilitate this popular program for Stanford students each quarter. 

Learn about the Accountability Partner Program

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