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Hans Hanley

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Engineering Learning Consultant

Hans Hanley (he/him) is a first year PhD student in Computer Science Program at the Stanford School of Engineering. His research interests are centered around computer security, privacy, networks, and machine learning. He is particularly interested in understanding the flow of information in online networks, the spread of disinformation, and how to make the Internet safer and freer. Before coming to Stanford, Hans completed his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, and earned two Master’s degrees in Computer Science and in Statistics at the University of Oxford through the Daniel M. Sachs Scholarship. Throughout both his undergrad and graduate studies, Hans participated in programs geared to helping engineering students to succeed, and he is thrilled to continue to do this as an Engineering Learning Consultant. Outside of research, Hans can often be found performing stand-up comedy, running 5Ks, listening to UK rhythm and blues music, and learning Mandarin Chinese.