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Karim Mustafa Aloul

Undergraduate Learning Consultant

Karim Aloul

Karim Aloul (he/his) is a senior Bioengineering major on the track to medical school. Karim participated in the Leland Scholars Program and worked as a resident chemistry TA while simultaneously conducting research as a ChEM-H scholar. He is passionate about promoting education equity through the High School Support Initiative and The Phoenix Scholars - programs through which Karim mentors high-schoolers from underserved communities one-on-one. Karim has continued his basic science research in a genetics lab while also maintaining his commitments to community service and advanced coursework throughout the academic year. Karim decided to become a Learning Consultant because of his previous rewarding and successful experiences mentoring fellow FLI students. These experiences also inspired his desire to maximize his own personal learning at Stanford. As a learning consultant, Karim hopes to ensure that every student can become motivated and equipped with the learning tools to help them achieve their academic goals.