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Lorelay Mendoza

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Engineering Learning Consultant

Lorelay Mendoza (she/her) is a second-year PhD student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Originally from San Diego, California, Lorelay received her B.S. in environmental engineering from San Diego State University where she researched the use of fluorescence sensors to detect sewage spills in rivers. Before coming Stanford, she interned at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, developing decision-making tools for assessing the significant of sanitation on the control of pathogens. Her current research includes reimagining wastewater as a stream of resources rather than waste. In particular, how detection of SARS-CoV-2 can offer community health insights and harnessing that information to inform policy making. In her free time, Lorelay loves to go climbing with her friends, surf, and cuddle with her two feline fur-children, Frida and Jackson.