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The Completion Coaching Program provides direct, continuous coaching support to help students resolve any “Incomplete” grades received in the last year. 

Completion Coaching

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Completion Coaching FAQs

What is Completion Coaching? You will meet individually with an Academic Coach who understands the challenge of your situation. After a thoughtful conversation, the two of you will clarify practical steps that build on your strengths and move you toward your goals.

Who is this program for? Stanford students who have one or more Incompletes to finish.

When does this take place? You can choose the times that work best for you. Completion Coaching appointments are 50 minutes each. 

Where are the appointments? All appointments are conducted via Zoom during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

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Incomplete and Repeat Grades FAQs

What are Incompletes? The 'I' grade is defined under the General University Grading System. You can learn about Incompletes and Repeat Grades here.

How do I request an Incomplete? You can learn about requesting an Incomplete here. Please note that some instructors in the past have granted Incomplete grades without a request. This can happen when there is a disruption in instruction such as when courses moved abruptly to an online format during the 2020 Winter and Spring Quarters.

How long do I have to resolve an Incomplete grade? One year is the maximum time that the university allows for a student to complete an Incomplete. However, there are exceptions to this rule. You can learn more about the timeline of resolving an Incomplete here

Who can help me decide if an Incomplete is right for me? You can speak directly with your instructor(s) if you feel comfortable doing so. You can also consult your Academic Advising Director about your options and how to communicate with your instructor(s) about their policies around Incomplete grades. You can find your Academic Advising Director here.

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Important Dates for Spring Quarter 2021

  • March 19: Incompletes from courses in Spring Quarter 2020 expire. 'I' grades must be resolved by this date or will otherwise be converted to a 'NP' or 'NC'.
  • March 29: Winter Quarter begins.
  • April 12: Completion Coaching invitations sent out to students
  • June 4: Last day of classes. Last opportunity to arrange an Incomplete in a course, at last class.
  • June 4: Final day to resolve Incomplete(s) this quarter before grades are submitted.
  • June 15: Grades due for all courses.

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