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Learn technical academic skills!

Studios focus on hard or technical academic skills. They are usually 90 minutes in length and are facilitated by our professional Academic Coaches and Peer Learning Consultants. Any student-facing campus organization, department or center may request a workshop from our office. Learn more below!

Academic Studios

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How are Studios structured?

Studios consist of a tutorial and studio session and focuses on technical academic skills. A Studio starts with a tutorial on a technical learning and research or academic management topic, such as generating data plots to present data effectively or identifying and learning tools and applications to effectively manage your time. Activities and discussions centered around these topics are interwoven into the tutorial session which is then followed by a dedicated optional studio time where students can:

  • Apply activity and discussion takeaways to their own academic work
  • Follow-up with Peer Learning Consultants on academic strategies
  • Connect with other students to share their experiences

The duration of the studio may vary depending on the topic being covered. Our studios usually average 1.5 hours. Students may attend just the tutorial or both components. Below is an example of a Grad Studio schedule.

  • 10 AM - 11 AM PST: Tutorial session
  • 11 AM - 11:30 AM PST: Optional Studio work session

Who are Studios for?

You might notice that some studios are branded differently. Because technical skills tend to be more focused, we have dedicated studios for different populations of Stanford students as well as studios that bring together all students, regardless of role.

  • "Academic Studios" are open to all Stanford students and bring together the undergraduate and graduate communities.
  • "Grad Studios" are open to all graduate students, including co-term, Master’s, professional, and PhD students.
  • For "Engineering Grad Studios," registration priority for the studio component will be offered to School of Engineering graduate students. Should space be available, registration will open to the wider Stanford graduate community on a first-come, first-served basis. These studios are not open to undergraduate engineering students.
  • "Undergrad Studios" are open to undergraduate and co-term students only. 

Postdoctoral scholars and staff/faculty/lecturers may attend Academic and Grad Studios. Postdoctoral scholars in the School of Engineering may attend Engineering Grad Studios. 

Upcoming Studios

Academic Studios Grad Studios Engineering Grad Studios Undergrad Studios

All of our Studios are recorded. Check out our past studios here.