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Become a Social Media Specialist

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Social Media Specialists manage the social media channels and create promotional materials for the CTL Student Learning Programs to spread awareness of the Peer Tutoring, Language Conversation Partner, and Academic Skills programs; educate students on effective learning strategies; and increase student engagement. 

Social Media Specialists start at $16/hour and are expected to work approximately 5 hours per week. 

What You’ll Do

  • Propose ideas for content and outreach to undergraduate and graduate students via Facebook and other social media platforms 
  • Conduct online research for posts that will connect students to research-based articles and resources related to our mission of supporting student learning
  • Draft and publish 2-3 posts per week (to be approved by supervisor)
  • Create graphics, flyers, and other marketing materials for student learning programs and events 

Why should I be a Social Media Specialist?

  • Flexible Schedule: Social Media Specialists manage and create their own schedules outside of meetings and weekly deadlines.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships: In addition to working on a smal, close-knit team, you will also have the opportunity to interact with undergraduate and graduate Learning Consultants and CTL staff.
  • Connect Other Students to Helpful Resources: When you help spread the word about the support and services we offer, you are enabling more students to benefit from our programs and reach their academic goals. 
  • Academic & Professional Development: In your work to build students’ awareness of effective learning strategies, you’ll also have a chance to fine-tune your own learning and time management skills. In addition, experienced Social Media Specialists have the opportunity to lead their own projects.

Application Process

1. Application: Complete the online application (which includes submitting a short statement, short writing exercise, and CV/resume) for the Social Media Specialist position.

2. Interview Assignment and Interview: Qualified candidates will be contacted to participate in a half-hour interview with the Academic Coach and other stakeholders. They will be asked to complete a creative assignment (specific instructions will be provided) prior to the interview and come prepared to discuss it. 

3. Admission: Successful candidates will be informed of their admission within a week of completing the interview and given instructions for completing the hire.

Application Requirements

  • Must be a Stanford student
  • Must demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills, writing and research skills, graphic design skills, effective time management, and attention to detail
  • Experience using Adobe Creative Cloud or other image editing programs required
  • Experience managing a group/organization’s social media page is preferred but not required