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Co-Term Student, Biology

Alex Cessna

Curriculum Designer

Alex (he/him) is an undergraduate senior studying cellular, molecular, and organismal biology. He is also completing a co-term in biology, after which he intends to pursue a Ph.D. in molecular biology or bioengineering. He is interested in studying the symbiotic relationships that drive ecosystem function and is currently working in Professor Kabir Peay’s lab, where he investigates how the relationship between trees and the mycorrhizal fungi that grow on their roots will be affected by climate change. 

When he’s not in the forest doing fieldwork or dissecting fungi in the lab, Alex is also interested in studying the science of learning. As a Curriculum Designer, he hopes to research the various ways in which students learn and is eager to gain experience designing flexible education programs that allow students to engage with material in whatever way works best for them. He is excited to learn from his fellow Peer Learning Consultants, and he is looking forward to working with them to create resources that help students realize their full potential inside and outside of the classroom.