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Undergraduate Sophomore

Diamond Thlang

Program Coordinator

Diamond Thlang (he/him) is a current second-year at Stanford interested in the intersection of data, technology, equity, innovation, and education. Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, he spent most of his high school years working in the educational equity space. Given these interests, he is looking to major in either Mathematical and Computational Science or Data Science and Social Systems and minor in Sociology. As a program coordinator, he hopes to bridge academic strategy gaps and develop methods to better meet the learning needs of students, with a special emphasis on those who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. At Stanford, he is involved with SENSA, CamSA, Habla, and the Public Interest Technology Lab. In his spare time, he enjoys going on spontaneous adventures, weightlifting, watching Netflix series, baking pastries, and listening to music.