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MS Student, Applied Physics

Gene Liu

Graduate Learning Consultant, Curriculum Design
Curriculum Designer

Gene Liu (he/him) is a first year M.S. student in the Applied Physics department. Prior to coming to Stanford, he studied Materials Science and Engineering at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. During this period, he was involved in materials analysis in the semiconductor industry and became aware of how modern technologies are built at the nanoscale. Along with his love of physics, he appreciates the elegance of frontier scientific discoveries in condensed matter physics and aspires to contribute to the development of novel functional materials. His current professional interest is in developing next-generation perovskite tandem solar cells to increase the sustainability of solar technology.   

Outside of his academic life, he plays competitive ping pong and has participated in the 2022 College Table Tennis National Championships. In the upcoming year, he will serve as the president in the Stanford Table Tennis Club. In addition to sports, he enjoys singing, reading, as well as exploring different productivity and time management tools. As a Peer Learning Consultant, he is passionate about sharing his self-learning toolkit with other students and assisting them in developing their own effective tools. Helping students overcome academic struggles is what motivated him to join the PLC Program.


BSc - Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University