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PhD Student, Modern Thought & Literature

Jamie Fine

Lead Learning Consultant, Curriculum Design
Peer Academic Coach

Jamie (she/her) is a fifth year PhD student and DARE Fellow in the Modern Thought & Literature program, with a minor in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Her research explores how law is transposed via contemporary young adult literature and comics (clearly the coolest PhD dissertation topic ever). Jamie also holds an MFA in Young Adult Literature from the City College of New York, a JD from the University of Connecticut, a BA in English and Psychology from Wellesley College, and a certificate in TESOL. She previously taught and tutored both academic and creative writing internationally as well as in the US. She was formerly a litigation attorney and a faculty member at CCNY, teaching writing and ESL.

Jamie greatly enjoys helping others in navigating academic strategies for their success--especially those that she’s struggled with herself, including time management, taming the procrastination monster, actively battling academic thought distortions, and learning how to come back from extreme burn out, one step at a time. Her interests in particular focus on goal setting and organization, as well as helping others navigate the complex world of academia (including faculty/advisors), especially in relation to interdisciplinary thought, research, and writing.

In addition to her work as a grad student, Lead Peer Learning Consultant, and Academic Coach, Jamie is passionate about advocating for equality in all forms--whether at Stanford, in CA, or more globally. In her spare time, you can find her in a spin or yoga class, hiking, laughing with friends new and old, trying to figure out how to get the coffee stains out of literally everything she owns, and/or trying to simply enjoy being in the moment. 

Academic Coaching Appointments with Jamie

Academic Coaching (Virtual)       


JD - University of Connecticut
MFA - Young Adult Literature, City College of New York
BA - Psychology, Wellesley College