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Undergraduate Sophomore

Sachin Allums

Senior Program Coordinator

Sachin Allums (he/him) is a sophomore majoring in Symbolic Systems with a minor in Education. He has spent most of his life in Austin, Texas, which means that, naturally, he loves tacos and live music. In his free time, Sachin enjoys designing card games, doing yoga, juggling, playing ping pong, and listening to and creating music. At Stanford, he is president of the club swim team, an aquatics instructor for Kids With Dreams, and a tutor at Curious Cardinals. Because of his experience tutoring and mentoring a wide array of students, Sachin hopes to pursue a career as a teacher or professor. As a program coordinator, he hopes to give back to peers who have given him so much, and he hopes to apply the skills he learns as a program coordinator towards becoming a fully fledged educator.