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Reading Efficacy: The "SQ3R" Method

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The “SQ3R” Method

This approach helps you get the most out of your reading assignments by creating notes  from your reading that promote deeper learning. 

Survey: Carefully pre-read the chapter. Look at the title, subtitles, boldface and italics, graphs and diagrams, summary and/or conclusion, and end-of-chapter questions to get a “big picture” view of the reading. 

Question: Reading is a thinking process; inquiry makes you an active reader. Formulate questions before you read. Convert titles, subtitles, etc. into questions. Write  these down.  

Read: Thoroughly read the chapter and fill in the answers to your questions as you go along. Important: Read for meaning, not only the answers! Write down any information you sense is important. 

Recite: Talk to yourself. Read your questions, answers and notes out loud. Translate key ideas and new terms into your own words. Research any answers or information that don't seem clear enough.

Review: Reread your notes as often as possible. Frequent review enables you to better  retain the material. 

Be flexible. At first, go through SQ3R step-by-step, and later alter it to suit your own  purposes and style.


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Reading Efficacy: The "SQ3R" Method