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Browser Tabs

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Close or minimize browser tabs you don’t need

  • Why this works: Minimizing distractions is key to increasing your focus. Eliminating visual cues that are not directly related to what you’re working on makes it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. 
  • How to do this: Simply close the browser tab or window, or use the minimize button to hide it from view. You can also use the multiple desktops feature on a Mac or PC to organize your windows by course or topic. 

Organize the browser tabs you need so you can easily find them later

  • Why this works: Having large numbers of tabs open makes it much more difficult to find the right one. It can also impact your efficiency by slowing down your computer.
  • How to do this: If you have tabs open that you plan to access later, you can either bookmark the important ones (ideally organizing them into folders if you have many), or use a tool like OneTab to help you keep track of them. If you’re doing research, try using a research management tool like Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote. You can learn more about these tools on the Stanford Libraries Website.