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Make progress on your CHEM 31A assignments!

CHEM 31A Study Halls provide you with a conducive working space, with opportunities to form study groups, goal-setting exercises, and on-demand academic consulting to help you progress on your CHEM 31A work. Peer Learning Consultants will be on hand to address any questions you may have on time management, PLP strategies, or any other related questions you might have! TA's will be available to check-in with each study group.

CHEM 31A Study Hall

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CHEM 31A Study Hall Dates and Times

You may sign up for as many sessions as you would like. Please note only students enrolled in CHEM 31A for the 2020 Fall Quarter can register.

CHEM 31A Study Halls have concluded

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are these study halls for? Only Stanford students who are enrolled in CHEM 31A are eligible to attend these study halls.

  • Do these study halls count toward my grade? Participation points will be given to students who attend these study halls. Students must attend the full duration of the Study Hall to receive these points. Please check with your instructor for more details. Registering for a CHEM 31A Study Hall does not constitute attendance. You must be present and engaged at the study hall.

  • When do these study halls take place? Periodically during each Quarter—dates and times will be announced by your CHEM 31A instructor.

  • Where do these study halls take place? All CHEM 31A Study Halls are conducted via Zoom.

  • Are there penalties for no-shows? There are no penalties or fines for no-shows. However, please sign up only if you can commit to attending the full duration of the Study Hall session. 

  • Who can I contact for more information?