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Tutoring FAQ

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A course I need tutoring for isn’t offered. What can I do?

We would encourage you to email with the course name, instructor, a copy of the syllabus, and a sample homework problem. We will forward that information onto our tutors to see if anyone would feel comfortable offering support. If we do not have a tutor who could offer support for the course, we would encourage you to use your available resources: reach out to the instructor, TA, or CA; attend office hours or review sessions; review lecture notes, Canvas resources, or the course books; check out online tutorials; or ask a friend, someone in your dorm, or form a study group with other students in the course.

I am officially enrolled in a course that tutoring is offered for, and I still can’t sign up for appointments. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble making an appointment, please email with the course name, instructor, and section number, and your enrollment status. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

Where does tutoring take place?

By default, sessions will be held in person but email your tutor if you would like to meet online via Zoom instead.

My child is not a Stanford student, but I would like to seek private tutoring. Can you put me in touch with your tutors?

Our tutors support currently enrolled students. If you are seeking a private tutor, we recommend contacting the subject department or posting an advertisement on SUPost for tutoring services.

Are you hiring?

We typically begin hiring for the next academic school year in winter quarter. For updated information about our hiring process, check out our Become a Language Conversation Partner or Become a Tutor pages.

Contact us

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