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Become a Program Coordinator

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The Center for Teaching and Learning hires undergraduate students to work as Program Coordinators to support the Peer Learning Consultant Program. Program Coordinators report to the Lead Program Coordinator and are responsible for managing academic skills programs and projects as well as the logistics for academic programming, events, workshops, Study Halls, and Academic Studios. Successful Program Coordinators may have the opportunity to advance to other Learning Consultant roles where they will design curriculum or deliver workshops and academic skills content for the Stanford student community. 

Program Coordinators start at $18/hour and the job requires you to be available 5 hours per week for Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, although work may vary from week to week, with some weeks possibly requiring up to 8 hours of work and some weeks being lighter (with the exception of holiday breaks, where no work hours are required). Work hours can be arranged to fit your schedule; however, prompt communication about program-related tasks is required. Because this is a high-impact, student-facing role, organization and timeliness are crucial to success in the role. Currently, the majority of this work is done remotely though some work will be done in-person at the 408 Panama Mall. Only active Stanford undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Graduate and professional students are not eligible. 

To be fully informed about the position and the responsibilities of Program Coordinators, we advise you to read all of the information below before submitting an application.

Apply to be a Program Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing a variety of academic programs and projects such as the Accountability Partner Program, Study Halls, and the Academic Skills Portal.
  • Hosting, supporting and organizing academic events and programming such as workshops, study halls, and academic studios.
  • Developing novel immediate and long-term strategies to support the academic needs of Stanford students.
  • Managing an email inbox and responding to student inquiries about CTL events.
  • Creating advertisements for academic events and PLCP recruitment and distributing these details to the campus community through MailChimp and flyering across campus buildings.
  • Creating event registrations through Eventbrite and managing student registrations.
  • Scheduling and coordinating program and team meetings.
  • Establishing positive relationships with campus partners through thoughtful communication.
  • Curating and managing mailing lists and a weekly academic skills newsletter.
  • Placing and receiving orders for events.
  • Filing reimbursements for program purchases.
  • Managing a stock room and supplies.
  • Tailoring existing academic programming to specific student audiences and communities.
  • Providing academic skills drop-in consultations, such as Time Management Refreshers.
  • Incorporating principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic skills programming.

Skills we seek:

  • Exceptional presentation skills (over Zoom and in person)
  • Ability to manage your own time and projects with guidance but minimal structure
  • Excellent communication skills, including over Slack and email
  • A desire to learn and grow in your ability to develop and deliver academic skills content
  • Effectively giving and responding to constructive feedback
  • Passion for supporting undergraduate and graduate students
  • Interest in taking the initiative to develop novel content and lead programming
  • Ability to work on a dynamic team in which changes occur throughout the year
  • Creative ability to independently come up with programming ideas to implement
  • Understanding of diverse communities on campus (including through your own personal experiences as a diverse applicant)

To be a competitive applicant, you must:

  • Be a current undergraduate student and eligible to work in the United States
  • Be responsible, reliable, and detail-oriented
  • Be a consistent communicator; you should be available via Slack and responsive to most messages within 6 hours
  • Have excellent collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Be able to work with minimal supervision
  • Be willing to contribute to unexpected projects and tasks as requested
  • Be comfortable working with Outlook, Google Drive, Slack, and Eventbrite (or at least have a working knowledge of some of these apps and a willingness to learn)

Application Process

  1. Application: Complete the online application (which includes submitting a short statement and CV/resume).
  2. Interviews: Qualified candidates will be contacted to participate in a half-hour interview with the Lead Learning Consultant and other Peer Learning Consultants.
  3. Admission: All candidates will be informed about a decision no later than two weeks after the interview. Successful candidates will be given 48 hours to accept the offer. Please note that the turnaround time between admission and onboarding is relatively short.

What you'll gain

You will gain insight into the philosophy, approaches, and tools to support student learning at Stanford. You will develop skills in project management, communication, and administration. You will work closely with our Peer Learning Consultants, including Knight-Hennessy Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, Forbes 30 under 30 honorees, medical students, law students, PhD students, and undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. You will also contribute your valuable experience and perspective as an undergraduate student at Stanford.