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Undergraduate Freshman, Computer Science & Mathematics

Elias Chikwanda

Program Coordinator

Elias Chikwanda (he/him/his) is a freshman planning to major in Computer Science and Maths. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. He is passionate about using data as a basis to make decisions. He hopes one day he will break into the field of quantitative analysis. He loves exploring different programming languages and he spends most of his time writing code for fun. He designed and programmed a website to help high school students boost their grades by automated marking, progress recording, and recommending areas they need to polish after taking a certain test. As a program coordinator, Elias wants to keep on creating impactful learning environments that are inclusive and contribute to the success of academic programming. In his free time, he watches a lot of TV shows. His favorites so far are Into the Badlands, The Black List, and Prison Break. He doesn’t like movies because they’re short.