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Workshops focus on soft or transferable academic skills. They are usually 60 minutes in length and are facilitated by our professional Academic Coaches and Peer Learning Consultants. Any student-facing campus organization, department or center may request a workshop from our office. Learn more below!

Academic Skills Workshops

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Request a Workshop

Set up a Learning/Academic Skills Workshop for your academic department, dorm, or student group. Academic Coaches and Peer Learning Consultants are available to discuss learning skills topics for you.

Possible Topics

  • Learning Strategies Overview
  • Time Management
  • Personal and Academic Resilience
  • Reading Strategies: How to Get Through All Your Assignments and Remember What You've Read
  • Procrastination: Untangling the Knot
  • Communicating Effectively with your Advisor
  • "Plays Well With Others": Working Effectively on Group Projects
  • Writing to Completion
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Productivity and Remote Learning


Upcoming Workshops