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A Game-Changing Tip for Remote Classes

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By Leehi Yona
Lead Learning Consultant & Peer Academic Coach
JD/PhD Candidate, Law/Environment & Resources

One of the hardest things about learning remotely is keeping track of classes. I’ll write them all down so that I don’t forget, but then I either lose track of time and realize I’m late, or mess up the different time zones, or get lost in a sea of emails trying to find the right Zoom link. But I found an incredibly easy way to deal with all of those issues, which I’m excited to share: import a feed of your classes into your digital calendars.

What it is: a calendar feed is a URL link that is tied to your Canvas calendar. It lets you import all your classes in one easy click.

Why it’s a game changer

  • It automatically updates your calendar from Canvas, so when a professor adds new office hours, changes a class time, or adds a new Zoom link, fret not— it’s all refreshed in your own calendar.
  • It keeps all your Zoom links in one place. I used to stress about finding the right link, and now I just go to my calendar right before class starts, and all my links are there.
  • You can set reminders for classes. Once you import a calendar feed from Canvas, you can set your preferred calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) to remind you 15, 10, 5 minutes, and even 1 minute (yes, I forget that quickly sometimes) before class starts. No more logging on to class late.
  • It takes literally two minutes to set up.

How to set it up

1. In Canvas, go to Calendar.

canvas dashboard

2. On the right hand side, under “Calendars,” select all of the classes you are taking this quarter.

canvas calendar

3. Select “Calendar Feed” on the bottom right.

canvas calendar feed

4. Copy the URL link.

canvas calendar url

5. Connect to your calendar:

  • For Outlook on the web, go to Calendar, then “Add Calendar”, then “Subscribe from web”, and paste the URL:
outlook link calendar
  • For Google Calendar, select the “ ” button on the left hand side, then “From URL”, and paste the link:
google calendar from url


6. That’s it! You’re set for success this quarter :)

Bonus tip: Your Academic Skills Coaches are here for you throughout the quarter. If you need help, reach out and schedule a Zoom session with us at!